A good place to start is at Oset Høyfjellshotell and then cycle along the Golsfjellveien road (Oset-Fjellheim) to Gurisetkrysset (intersection). Continue along Gurisetvegen road to Stølsdokki. Go left and follow the old Gurisetveg (medium to demanding old horse and cart road) to Lauvsjøkrysset.

Follow Golsfjellvegen road past Golsfjell Fjellstue, Golsfjellet Hotell, continue along the Tisleiafjord back to Oset.

Degree of difficulty: Medium.
Suitable for bike trailer: No.
Kiosk/sale of refreshments: Oset.
Lowest/highest point: 827/1033 mas.
Total ascent length: 264 m.
Distance: 20 km

Feel free to visit the tourist office for directions!

Have a nice trip!