This trip has its starting point at Fjellheimkrysset intersection at regional road Rv 51 (Gol – Leira).

Follow Golsfjellveien (road) past the intersection to Kamben, Ørterstølen and cycle to Oset Høyfjellshotell. Continue in the direction of Tisleidemningen (dam), cross this and follow the road up to the intersection at Buastølen.

Continue straight ahead through the different summer pasture sites until you arrive at Gomobu, which is the first “compulsory” waffle stop on your trip.

From Gomobu you have a steep descent to the Panoramavegen road, which goes between Hemsedal and Valdres.

Once you arrive at Panoramavegen you can choose whether to turn left and cycle directly to Nøsen, also known for its delicious Norwegian waffles.

Alternatively, you can turn right and follow the signs to the left in the direction of Trollhovd.

From Trollhovd there is some downhill cycling past Grønsetnabben to Svenskefjorden. Now cycle straight ahead (not over the bridge to the right) and follow the road along the lake and back to Panoramavegen.

Turn right and stay on the main road past Flyvassdemingen (dam) and carry on along the Tisleifjord. Continue past Langestølen (shop) and back to Buastølen where you turn left, cycle back to Oset and continue back to Fjellheimkrysset. Distance: 30-70 km

Feel free to visit the tourist office for directions!