Top 11 on Golsfjellet is a hiking programme suitable for everyone.
All the hikes are marked so that you can easily find your way.

The 11 summits are:
Syningen 1031 mas.
Langhøvda 1089 mas.
Gullknapp 1092 mas.
Veslefjell 1126 mas.
Storefjelltoppen 1149 mas.
Skjenhøvda 1060 mas.
Ørterhøvda 1117 mas.
Gurisethøvda 1050 mas.
Auenhaugen 1119 mas.
Syno 1067 mas.
Nystølvarden 1296 mas.

If you click on the summit’s name, you will find hike directions with references to the free maps (available from tourist information office) and the intersection number signposting system.

Registration of the summit:
Each summit has its own code. If you register at a minimum of 6 of the
summits, you are automatically entered in the draw for fine prizes.

Register the summit as follows:
Note the SF kode (Provided on the reverse side of the sign) on the participant card and deliver to Gol Tourist Office, Oset Høyfjellshotell or Storefjell Resort Hotel.
A brochure with map and participant card is available from (among other places) the tourist information office and accommodation establishments, and examples can also be found in the mailboxes on the summits – or they can be downloaded by clicking here.