Medium-demanding bike ride on good roads, but with lots of fun stipends. .Bike from the hotel in the direction of Gol (turn right out of the hotel). Fits Bualia Cabin Field, Ørterstølen and Kambenkrysset. Turn left at Tullerudvollen just after the crossing. Follow the signposted hiking trail. After a small spot you will enter the road to Rustemyrvollen. Follow this as far as possible and continue on the carriageway in the direction of Klanten and Saravollen. Cross the main road and continue on the road. Turn left when you reach the gravel road and follow this to the first intersection. Turn left and keep this road all the way to Hølstølen and Spekbakk (fit the exits to Åsgard and Fanterud). Hølungset.Fra Hølungset goes downhill to Stogofjorden. Follow the road further on Stugulii and Markevollen before going easily to Stølsdokken and Sanderstølen. At Stølsdokken, turn right and cross the ground before continuing in the direction Rv 5.Follow Rv 51 past Vasetdansen Camping, over the bridge and turn right at the “Tisleiakollen jump center”. Follow the gravel road to Hermannstølen and further onto Tisleivegen. Keep Tisleivegen past / through Fløten and continue to Buastølen / Furusetkrysset. Turn left and follow the road over the Tisleiafjord back to Oset.

Length: 43 km


Have a nice trip!