Syno is located at Lauvset stølslag (summer pasture area) on the west side of Golsfjellet and is 1067 mas. (GPS: 32 V 493324 6740495).
Syno is included in Top 11 – summit hikes for all the family.

The summit is easily accessible from Lauvset and the hike combines wandering on summer pasture trails and mountain tracks.
N.B.: Intersection numbers in the hike directions refer to signs in the terrain and free area maps.

Hike directions:
Alternative 1
Intersection 331 via intersection 333 to Syno (top 10).
Total distance 1.9 km
Alternative 2
Intersection 321 via intersections 322 and 323 to Syno (top 10).
Total distance 2.5 km
Alternatives 1 and 2 can be combined to make a round trip

Rv 52 -> Robru -> Golsfjellet Vest -> Lauvsetkrysset/Lauvset