On the mountain between Gol / Herad, Nesbyen and Bagn in Valdres you will find Søråsen. Here the ski slopes go in a varied and beautiful terrain. We now have about 30 km of beautiful machine-prepared ski trails in varied and open terrain. We are connected with the trail teams in Nystølfjellet and Hellebukklia, so there are almost unlimited possibilities. In addition, we have about 35 km of scooter trails with first-class sports cars. We have trails both in typical mountain terrain and in more warm areas in the birch belt. Some trails are prepared by machine, and the rest of the trails are prepared with snowmobiles. Trails run up into the Christmas period, weekends from February, as well as during holidays and Easter as needed. All trails are well marked with bars, ribbons and signs. Follow the trail running on the internet: The trail network at Golsfjellet has been automatically updated on trail maps during preparation. See for yourself where the trails are run on www.skisporet.no!


Directions and parking options: • Follow Rv. 7 in the direction of Nesbyen / Oslo • Turn left into Herad, by sign Bagn • Follow the road towards Bagn • Parking by Frøysokstølen and Holt • Remember money for toll.

Contributions to the trail run: If you want to support the work of preparing the ski slopes on Søråsen, you are Welcome to add your contribution to the account: 23242000773 by Gerd Marie Storebråten, Herad.