This hike takes 2 hours and starts at Gol Folkehøgskule (school).

We follow Haugstadgutu (the road goes up east of the school) towards the ski lift and head up the slalom slope. You will likely meet livestock, such as sheep, grazing here.
At the top of the ski lift you have a fantastic view over Gol and the surrounding mountain tops, including towards Mt. Skogshorn in the opposite direction. On the return we follow the old path from Skaraåsen (marked) down to Farset.
We recommend a little detour out to Farsetberget, but make sure you walk below the property that is located on the rock edge.
Further down there are several alternatives. Either continue down the marked trail, or go through the woods alongside the vertical mountain rock face. At the foot of Farsetberget there is a mountain cave, Tjuvkjellaren, which has a centuries old history as a hiding place for a wily thief.

A little lower down, we return to the trail and continue on to Gol bygdetun (Skagatunet) and down to Skaga.

Starting point for the trip:
• Hallingdal Folkehøgskule

Directions if driving:
• Follow Rv. 52 towards Hemsedal
• Go left , signpost Hallingdal Folkehøgskule
• Follow the signs

Hike directions:
• Follow Rv. 52 towards Hemsedal
• Go left, signpost Hallingdal Folkehøgskule
• Follow the road approx. 300 metres
• Follow the marked trail to Skaga