The trip takes just over three hours, including lunch break.

From the parking area at Skaraåsen (see Directions if driving:), you go down the road about 200 metres, then follow the marked trail that goes towards Habbeset.
Follow this trail up past the top of the ski lift and continue over Skaraåsen. The trail is clearly marked in easy terrain, and passes Feten mountain pasture.
At Habbeset there is a splendid view towards Hemsedal. Then it’s onwards to Feten, where you can turn off and follow a new trail past Fagerdalen.
Sometime later this trail meets up with the first trail, which you take to return to your starting point.
The hike can be extended by including walking to Syningen, a mountain summit further west. The trail there is also clearly marked.

For maps or GPS-tracking, see tourist information here: Hike to Skaraåsen.