You can find Skaraåsen on the upper side of Skagahøgdi Skisenter and is the mountain plateau between Gol, Hemsedal and Torpo. Here, there are a total of 75 kilometers of trails, which are also connected by the trail networks in Ål and Hemsedal. Follow the trail running on the internet: The trail network on Golsfjellet has been introduced automatically updating the trail map during preparation. See for yourself where the trails are run on!

Directions Gol centrum: • Follow Rv. 52 towards Hemsedal • Take off at the sign Tuppeskogen • Take a right towards Gol Folkehøgskole • First road to the left – the mark Skaraåsen • Follow this road to the top • Remember toll road.

Road description from Grønlio / Robru: • Follow Rv. 52 towards Hemsedal past Robru • Turn left at marking Grønlio • Follow signs for Habbeset, Narveset or Smylistølane • Remember toll road.

Directions from Torpo: • Follow Rv. 7 (direction Geilo) to Torpo • Take off to Lien or Oppheim as desired • Follow road to mountains • Remember toll road.

Contribution to trail driving: If you want to support the work of preparing the ski slopes on Skara and Torpoåsen, you are welcome to make your contribution into account: 2324 07 13365.