Pers Hotel has 170 rooms for 1-6 people, and 16 apartments in Pers Lodge for up to 5 people. We offer approx. 650 beds. We consistently maintain high quality, and have an extensive range of activities through our own and collaborative facilities such as; Tropicana Water Park, Escape Games Hallingdal, Pers Bowling, Skagahøgdi Ski Center and Gol Motor and Leisure Park. In addition comes a variety of eateries, bars and dance venues, as well as a good entertainment offer.

Pers is primarily an experience hotel within the holiday market, the weekend market and the course and conference market. We specialize in tailoring holiday packages and events, and are dedicated to developing a unique total product with exciting concepts for all customer groups.
Pers Hotell is a popular and suitable destination for jubilants, car clubs, associations and festivals.

Pers Hotell
Sentrumsvegen 32
3550 Gol
Telefon: 32 02 30 00

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