Oset Mountain Church

Oset Mountain Church was built in the early eighties after Gudrun and Asle Hesla were inspired from seeing a similar church in Telemark County. The church, which has seating for 35 persons, has been dedicated and may be used among other services for weddings.

How to get there:
• Follow Rv. 51 in the direction of Golsfjellet/Fagernes
• Turn left at the sign for Golsfjellet
• Follow signposting to Oset Høyfjellshotell
Contact/visitors’ information:

Oset Høyfjellshotel
Tlf: 32 07 95 00
Mail: oset@oset.no
Web: www.oset.no

Foto: Kamben Høyfjellshotell
Foto: Kamben Høyfjellshotell