Ørterhøvda lies ved Golsfjellet Alpinsenter/Bualia, just above Oset Høyfjellshotell on Golsfjellet and is 1117 mas. (GPS: 32 V 498002 6743433).

Ørterhøvda is included in Top 11 – summit hikes for all the family, for more info on Top 11, visit the Tourist information.

The summit is accessed easiest from the cabin cluster in Bualia.  Intersection numbers in the hike directions refer to signs in the terrain and free area maps.

From Bualie Hyttefelt:
Intersection 203 via 221 to Ørterhøvda (top 7).
Total distance 2.3 km

Rv 51 -> Golsfjellet -> Golsfjellet Alpinsenter/Bualia/Oset Høyfjellshotell


Ørterhøvda4 Ørterhøvda