A magnificent mountain area at the foot of Nystølfjellet 1296 meters above sea level. A nature paradise with an almost untouched nature. Here the ski slopes go in a varied and beautiful terrain. The trails take you to Gols highest mountain, Nystølvarden, where you can follow the trails further to both Tisleidalen and Golsfjellet. Christmas Christmas, weekends from February, and holidays and Easter as needed. All trails are well marked.

Directions and parking facilities: Follow Rv7 through Hallingdal to Gol or E16 through Valdres to Leira. Turn left for 2 km after the county border.The sign for Brenn, Åsgård and Tretteskogen.Bom (NOK 40) after about 2 km. Then turn right for a further 3 km.


Trailmap and weather forecast:
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Read more about nystølsfjellet here: www.nystolfjellet.no.