Mjølkevegen is a cycle route that travels through a spectacular, mountainous landscape and former summer pasture farms between Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen and Gol in Hallingdal, crossing through large segments of Valdres. It is signposted in both directions from Ruten Fjellstue in Espedalen to Storefjell Resort on Golsfjellet. Mjølkevegen is one of Norway’s finest cycling tours and is part of National Cycle Route No. 5.

Tour directions
The tour can either start at Vinstra Station or from the pleasant Ruten Fjellstue mountain lodge in the kingdom of Peer Gynt (which offers a pick-up service from the train station). From Ruten you cycle towards Jotunheimvegen and follow this road along the shores of Lake Vinstre. Many nice picnic spots along the way. Haugseter Fjellstue (about 43 km from Ruten) offers tasty meals and accommodation in picturesque surroundings right beside the lake.

It is then approx. 12 km from Haugseter to the main road FV51 at Bygdin. From here you follow the FV51 road approx. 14 km to Beitostølen, where you will find a broad selection of top quality restaurants and accommodation, including the Radisson BLU Mountain Resort.

From Beitostølen town centre, turn right down towards Beito, and then follow the signposts towards Slettefjellvegen. Expect a reasonably strenuous climb up to the summit of Slettefjellet (1315 m.a.s.), which is the highest point of the whole trip. At the top there is a picnic area where you are rewarded with spectacular views over the Jotunheim mountain range. The road from the summit then descends rather steeply down to Vang.

From the barrier, turn left and follow Hørsvegen road past Høre Stave Church (worth a stop) and continue until you arrive at Ryfoss, which has a gas station, grocery store and cafe. From Ryfoss we recommend crossing the E16 highway at the underpass rather than cycling the 200 metres along the heavily trafficked main road, before turning off to Syndin. Be prepared for a tough climb of approx. 10km up to Syndin and Syndinstøga.

From Syndinstøga, Mjølkevegen continues towards Vaset (about 26 km), follow the signposting. The distance between Nørre and Sørger Trollhovd is approx. 2 km and subject to some soft, muddy stretches, which may require you to walk your bike through these parts. The route then continues on to Murkelie, from where you are cycling with Vasetvatnet (lake) on your left side all the way to Vaset.

At Vaset you have several accommodation options, such as Vasetstølen and Gomobu Fjellstue. The latter is situated 3 km further up towards Brattåsen. From Gomobu, cycle to Brattåsen intersection, and continue via Gauklie to Furuset. From there follow the signs to Oset, down towards the dam, which has a walkway/cycle path over the dam itself. You pass Oset Mountain Hotel and then turn right to cycle up to Storefjell Resort Hotel. From Vaset to Storefjell it is just under 30 km.

From Storefjell you follow the signposts down to Gol, which are mostly sited away from the main road and bring you finally down to Gol train station. Alternatively, you can take advantage of hotel transport between Storefjell Resort Hotel and Gol train station.

If you make use of the transport service to / from the train stations, the cycle route is shortened to approx. 195 km.
The route can be cycled both ways, but is somewhat more strenuous if you start from Gol

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For trains to/from Vinstra and Gol, see NSB www.nsb.no
For buses from Lillehammer to Skåbu, see www.opplands­trafikk.no, rute 200 (request that bus stops at Ruten Fjellstue). For buses from Gol to Fagernes (stop Fjellheim), se www.jvb.no

Transport from Vinstra to Ruten Fjellstue can be requested from Ruten Fjellstue, tel. (+ 47) 61 29 73 20.
Transport from Gol to Storefjell Resort Hotel can be requested from Storefjell Resort,
tel. (+ 47) 32 07 80 00.

Taxis are also available at the train stations.
For luggage transport, please contact your accommodation.

Summer route: Mjølkevegen via Bygdin and Eidsbugarden (270 km)
In the summer season, from approx. late June to early September, you can board the historic passenger ferry M/B Bitihorn that sails from Bygdin to Eidsbugarden. (This is an alternative to cycling to Beitostølen and over Slettefjell). From Eidsbugarden you cycle along the Tyin road and county road FV53 to Tyinkrysset intersection. Tyinholmen Fjellstue is a great place to stop for a meal break and accommodation, also to explore other excursion options in the area. From Tyinkrysset you can cycle along the historic King’s Road down to Øye, and then follow the north side of Vangsmjøsa (not along the busy highway E16). Follow the road on towards Hemsing, where we recommend a detour to Sørre Hemsing Farm (must be pre-booked), and then on towards the Slettefjell barrier where the two routes meet each other. From here you can choose whether to ride back to Beitostølen over Slettefjell, or continue on to Syndin, Vaset and Gol. For prices, timetables and other information about the boat, see www.jvb.no/bitihorn