This trip is a favourite with families! Here you can reward yourself with a rest or picnic at water’s edge, swim, rent a canoe and visit Lauvssjøstølen.

Ideal for practically anyone who can cycle independently.

Park your car by Lauvsjøen, (separate parking area along Golsfjellveien road). The simplest way to get to Lauvsjøen is to follow the signs to Golsfjellet Vest from the centre of Gol town.

From the parking area you cycle a few metres in the direction of Gol town (right), before you follow the old horse and cart road towards Vesletjernet/Lauvsjøen. After about one kilometre you arrive at Vesletjernet/Lauvsjøen, with detour to swimming/picnic spot.

The road leads further toward the trip’s only real uphill climb (around 300 metres). Halfway up you can go fishing and hire a canoe at Lauvsjøstølen. A summer pasture farm is also open to visitors every Wednesday and Thursday in the period 01 July – 13 August.

Follow the road and return to Golsfjelletvegen road and the parking area.

Degree of difficulty: Easy.
Suitable for bike trailer: No.
Lowest/highest point: 905/948mas.
Total ascent length: 85 m.
Distance: 5.3 km

Feel free to visit Gol Tourist office for further questions and directions!