Whether you make a trip for the purpose of basking in the winter sun, enjoying a juicy orange while leaned back against a cabin wall, or are more concerned about completing a good training session, then Gol and Golsfjellet have the ski trails to suit you.

Here you will find more than 250 km of prepared trails in easy, undulating and family-friendly terrain. The varying terrain, the wild, unsullied scenery, or the easily accessible trail network with open grill cabins and places to grab a bite to eat all serve to help everyone find their little slice of paradise here.

Since most of the trails start high up in the mountains, you don’t need to climb to the top to enjoy the trip. Provided below is a brief description of the areas in Gol that have prepared ski trails:

150 km of prepared trails in family-friendly surroundings, 700-1200 m.a.s. Golsfjellet is easily accessible from regional roads, RV. 51 (Golsfjellet) and RV. 52 (Hemsedal).
More info about the cross country trails at Golsfjellet. 

Foto: Arne Nibstad
Foto: Arne Nibstad
Foto: Arne Nibstad
Foto: Arne Nibstad







Invigorating trails at Nystølfjellet are connected to Golsfjellet ski trail network. Excellent round trip opportunities in the area around Gol’s highest mountain top (1296 m.a.s). Here you feel at one with Nature that is almost untouched by man; there are few cabins here.
More info about the cross country trails on Nystølfjellet.

Foto: Arne Nibstad
Foto: Arne Nibstad








The mountain terrain between Herad/ Gol and Bagn in Valdres is called Søråsen. Numerous ski trails ideal for cross-country skiing. The terrain is rather more hilly than at Golsfjellet and offers contrasting scenery via broad summer pastures and majestic mountain tops.
More info about the cross country trails on Søråsen i Gol.

Vinterfjell 06 Vinterbarn 06






Skaraåsen/Skagahøgdi og Torpoåsen

Close to town and village are Skara- and Torpoåsen that offer 75 km of prepared trails in forest and mountainous terrain.
Accessible from Gol town, Grønlio and Torpo.
More info about the cross country trails on Skaraåsen i Gol.

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Solseter Skistadium and floodlit trails
At Solseter you will find floodlit ski trails measuring 2, 3 and 5 km. The trails are connected to the Golsfjellet network and are a good starting point for short and longer trips.
Easy, direct access from regional road RV. 51 (Golsfjellet).
More info about the cross country trails on Solseter.

Solseter langrenncross Solseter






Hallingdal is blessed with a widely contrasting landscape (ideal for hiking in summer), with pleasant woods and forests, tall mountains and open expanses.  Snow – lots of it – guaranteed in winter and Hallingdal offers a whole 2000 km of world class, machine-prepared cross-country ski trails. A dedicated team drives the grooming machines that prepare the trails, also the ruts that enable a smoother glide for skiers, from the end of October until mid-May. Wintertime here is truly invigorating and inspiring with so much offering in the way of activities and amenities. For an overview of cross-country skiing opportunities throughout Hallingdal, just click on to www.hallingspor.no