Helsingvatnet (Helsing Lake) is idyllically situated at the foot of Skogshorn (1728 mas) at Lykkja in Hemsedal.

The name Helsingvatnet has its origins as far back as the year 1201. This was where a battle played out between King Sverre and his Birkebeiner followers and other opposing groups, known as “baglers” in this region. In this fight the baglers were led by Thor Helsing, a chieftain from a neighbouring county (Sogn). In the heat of the battle Sigurd Roppe delivered a deathblow to Helsing while chasing him to the lake. Since then the lake has been known as Helsingvatn.

The bike ride is a far more idyllic experience than that portrayed by the history and – except for about 1 km of track (trillesti) where you need to walk your bicycle – is on excellent gravel and tar sealed roads.

A good starting place is at Hestanåni, as it is easy to find parking here for your vehicle. Follow the signposts in the direction of Hemsedal and take the first turn going to the right. Continue along Helsingvatnet lake on the gravel road in to Helsinglie. After that, there is a rather heavy-going/difficult part where you walk your bike (road currently undergoing upgrading) on your way to Fekjanstølane and then cycle on a gravel road past Løkjestølane, along Helsingvatnet (lake) via Ulsåkstølen back to the main road. Ulsåkstølen is a mountain farm with a kiosk and sale of refreshments. Turn right and bike back to the starting point.