Gurisethøvda lies between Guriset Høyfjellshotell and Auenhauglie (Golsfjell Fjellstue) and is 1050 mas. (GPS: 32 V 497056 6745236).

Gurisethøvda is included in the Top 11 summit hikes for all the family, for more info on Top 11, visit the tourist information.

The summit is easily accessible from both sides.  Intersection numbers in the hike directions refer to signs in the terrain and free area maps.

From Guriset Høyfjellshotell:
Intersection 241 via intersection 242 to Gurisethøvda (top 8).
Total distance 0.7 km
From Auenhauglia/Golsfjell Fjellstue:
Intersections 112, 168, 166 and 243 to Gurisethøvda
(top 8).
Total distance 3.4 km
It is also possible to start your hike at intersection 168. Total distance 2.1 km

Rv 51 -> Golsfjellet -> Guriset Høyfjellshotell