The trip starts at Rotneim and takes three hours, incl. snack/lunch break.
The trail heads west from the shop, initially on a private gravel road.

The trail up from Rotneim is steep but clearly marked and well established in the terrain, also reinforced in some parts. We pass the abandoned Ursdalen farm, and carry on past Breidekko.
Once you reach the top, move to the perimeter where you have a view down to Rotneim, and an incredible view over Gol.
We stroll past Gjøta Farm on our way down and continue towards Tuppeskogen on a wide, landscaped path (unmarked). This leads to a forest road, which you follow to the first bend, after which you walk along a forest road. This changes to a narrow path for a few hundred metres before you meet another forest road, which takes you to Skaraåsvegen (road). From there follow the marked trail past Skagatunet to Skaga, after which you can walk down the marked trail back to Gol. (see tour “Top of the Ski Lift”)

Starting point for the trip:
• Rotneim (Yellow shop)

Directions if driving:
• Follow regional road Rv. 7 towards Torpo/Ål/Geilo
•  about 5 km later you arrive at Rotneim
• This is not a round trip, so you must collect your vehicle from Rotneim afterwards.

Directions for hiking:
• Follow the walkway along Rv. 7 towards Torpo/Ål/Geilo
•  about 5 km later you arrive at Rotneim