Golsjuvet is a drawcard for many highly skilled ice climbers, but for the not so skilled there are also opportunities for easier climbing, through courses and similar. A word of warning; it can be very dangerous when there is bad ice in the river, or high water levels.

Foto: Sondre Kvambekk
Foto: Sondre Kvambekk
Foto: Sondre Kvambekk
Foto: Sondre Kvambekk

We have on loan a few photos taken by Sondre Kvambekk, from when he guided students here from the outdoor recreation line in Sogndal, click on link for full article with photos, 500fjell.no

There are no ice-climbing guides in Gol, but there are a couple of guides that have their base in Hemsedal and Valdres, who also take on tours in Golsjuvet:
Fjellsentralen v/Jørgen Aamot:

Leslie Ayres:
Tlf: +47 90 13 72 90
Mail: le-ayr@online.no

Hemsedal Fjellsport v/Rune Abrahamsen: