Golsjuvet, beautifully situated along the Hemsila River, is a magnet for many highly skilled ice climbers. An extraordinary experience awaits, offering numerous possibilities, including easier climbing routes, courses, and more.

Golsjuvet is a part of the Hemsila River, flowing from the Eikrebekk Dam down to the Hallingdalselva River near Gol. Hemsila is a regulated river, and the drop between the Eikrebekk Dam and the Hallingdalselva River is utilized by the Hemsil 2 power plant in Gol. During winter, most of the water flow goes through a tunnel from the dam to the power plant, releasing only the minimum required flow into the river.

Eikredammen is a small reservoir incapable of holding back water if the power plant were to stop due to accidents or malfunctions. In such an event, the water flow in Hemsila at Golsjuvet would rapidly increase, posing a significant danger to anyone in or near the river. At full production, the power plant releases 32,000 liters per second. Even under normal conditions, ice dams can form in the river. These can suddenly break, leading to increased water flow and posing a risk to those in or near the river.

Planned maintenance and revisions are regularly carried out at the power plant. During these times, the river’s water flow will be higher than usual. Increased water levels may lead to overflow on the river ice, ice movement, the formation of ice dams, and weakened river ice. It’s strongly advised against ice climbing in such situations. Maintenance schedules are announced in advance, but everyone near or in the river holds personal responsibility for their safety.

NOTE! Ice climbing in Golsjuvet involves significant risk!

Foto: Sondre Kvambekk

Photo: Sondre Kvambekk Photo: Sondre Kvambekk We’ve borrowed some images from Sondre Kvambekk, who guided students from the outdoor education program in Sogndal here; see the link for the full article with images at 500fjell.no

There are no guides in Gol, but there are a couple based in Hemsedal and Valdres who also conduct trips to Golsjuvet.

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It can be very dangerous with poor ice conditions or during high water levels in the river.

Keep an eye on Gol Il climbing group or Climbing in Hemsedal on Facebook.