A pleasant trip in relatively flat terrain and mostly on good, gravel roads. It takes you around the Golsfjell mountain plateau and rewards you with spectacular views towards the Jotunheim mountain range, Hemsedal’s mountains, Reineskarvet, Hallingskarvet and Nystølvarden.  This trip is ideal for youth/teenagers and adults; can be rather long for the youngest set.

The tour follows the Tisleiafjord, past Golsfjellet Hotell and Golsfjell Fjellstue. Then along the shores of Lauvsjøen (lake) to Lauvset, continuing on to Skutuset via Løstegard and Vermeli. From Skutuset you cycle to Kamben via Rekkjeset. Follow the road past Kamben Hotell to Golsfjellvegen (road) (Hallingen-Oset) and carry on back to Tisleifjorden.

Degree of difficulty: Easy.
Suitable for bike trailer: Yes.
Kiosk/sale of refreshments: Oset, Kamben, Ørterstølen.
Lowest/highest point: 831/1002 mas.
Total ascent length: 420 m.
Distance: 31.9 km

Feel free to visit Gol tourist office for directions!