Goldagan (Festival) 12. – 14. Juli 2019

Goldagan (Festival) 12. - 14. Juli 2019

Summer and bustling life at Gol – Welcome to Goldagan 2019!

The shops move out on the street and the entire long center street is turned into a living marketplace. There will be many activities and Bergstrøm’s fun fair will come. In the evening there will be dance and fun and good summer atmosphere in Gol.

Currently program – updated open stores 10.00-20.00, Friday and SaturdayStand and street sales from kl. 10.00, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Bergström’s funfair from noon. 10 am, Friday, Saturday, from 10 am 11

SundayConcerts with Tomas Bjerke, Friday and Saturday Show with Pirate Paper on Kremmartunet, SaturdayGatøp for children v / Sparebank 1, SaturdayParkour course for children and young people, Saturday

NMK has its annual “Gol Day” race at Fuglehaugen. This year, this is the 30th Golday race that is held at Fuglehaugen Motorsenter on Gol.

We all welcome you to Goldagan.

Dates for the next 5 years is:

July 17, 2020

July 16, 2021

July 15, 2022

July 14, 2023

Visit gol is the organizers for Gol Dagan.

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