Skagahøgdi Skisenter can tempt with 20 slopes, own children’s area and railpark. With a height difference of 470 meters distributed over 3 lifts, we can offer great slopes for all skill levels. The long slopes are varied and lie with a great view of the mountain world just 10 – 15 minutes drive from the shopping center Gol. Experience a day on the slopes with the whole family! Skagahøgdi Skisenter a ski resort for all ages! On the mountainside just above Gol Sentrum you find Skagahøgdi. For those who want sharp-edged, airy hooves and an extra challenge, we have both our own rails and big big-jumps for an airy experience! Evening skiing several nights a week. Skagahøgdi Skisenter has hills specially adapted for families, from the very young to those who want a little more challenge.

Skagahøgdi Skisenter   Tlf. 40547704


Foto: Žygimantas Panda Vaičaitis
Foto: Žygimantas Panda Vaičaitis










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