Gol Campingsenter and Appartement by regional road RV 7 in Hallingdal, has all you need, all in one place.  We have room for about 600 caravans with power connections and cable TV.
16 cabins each with 7 beds, 15 cabins each with 4 beds and 5 cabins each with 3 beds. Three large, modern sanitary buildings, 2 children’s play areas, fine fishing opportunities in the river 400 metres from our reception office, shop, pub/cafeteria and emptying tank for campervans and caravans. We hold Hallingstampen swimming pool open from mid-June to mid-August.

Gol Campingsenter

Heradvegen 189
Tlf: 32 07 41 44
Mail: gol@pluscamp.no
Web: www.golcamp.no


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