Hallingdalselva, which winds through Gol, from Ål’s municipal boundary at Trillhus to Nes’ municipal boundary at Nesbyen, is a fishing licence zone. Nes municipal boundary follows the river about 4 km; in this instance the fishing zone applies from the eastern riverbank, see map. The river has a well-established trout population. From Trillhus to Gol the river runs a varied course with rapids, waterfalls, river pools and thresholds. From Gol to Svenkerud the water levels are higher, so the river runs at a calmer pace there. Consequently, this stretch is ideal for fly fishing. Jetties have been specially built at Gol Campingsenter and Fossheim to enable access for physically disadvantaged persons.

Several places along the river have been cleared to allow access to fishing spots, which are signposted. Information boards are also located at picnic spots and camping sites along the river.

For more information and where to buy fishing licences, see our web page at Inatur.no – click here.
Download brochure on fishing in Gol (pdf) click here.

Hallingdalselva fiskelag i Gol
Contact person: Jens Romslo
Tlf: 90 02 09 40
Mail: jens.romslo@hti.no
Web: inatur.no

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