The rock wall, which lies west of Gol town, faces east and has a splendid view over the valley.
The lowest segment is graded vertical to overhanging, while the uppermost segment “Tjuvkjellerveggen” (read more in History) consists of a steep rock face. “Tjuvkjellerveggen” is considerably smoother at the bottom of the wall than at the top. Some of the routes could be improved by roughening the surfaces to ensure better safety. Enjoyable to climb here in the shade in summertime after 3pm. Farsetberget deserves to receive more visits than is the case now. P.S. The wall is slow to dry out after rainfall.

The rock wall’s composition ranges from dioritic to granitic gneiss.

From Gol: Take the regional road Rv52 towards Hemsedal. After approx. 200-300 metres, turn off in the direction of Tuppeskogen, follow Tuppeskogvegen (road) all the way to the intersection for Rotneim/Hemsedal. Turn right and drive about 50 metres. Turn left on to the gravel road (Skaraåsen toll road) Follow this about 1.5 km. Park sensibly in a sharp, left bend. Follow the track from the parking sign towards the “skaga”. 50 metres after a gate is where you then walk up to the rock wall.

The wall was cleared of vegetation and developed in 1997 and the upper section was named the “thief’s cellar wall”. The name originates from a cave situated below the wall, where according to folklore there was in olden times a thief who hid in the cave along with the goods he had stolen.

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