A pleasant family trip on good, gravel roads, but with an element of basic terrain biking.

A natural starting point for this round trip is Storefjell Resort Hotel. Follow the road past/around the hotel and up above the lavvos (Sami tents). Cycle an easy trail and cabin road to Kamben, then carry on along Postvegen road to Storefjellvegen road and Skutusetkrysset (intersection).
Follow the road through Skutuset, then cycle the trail/horse and cart road to Vermeli and Tunnetjern summer pasture site. Follow the road to Turkoppmyre and then the cycling path to Einarset. Continue back to Storefjell.

Degree of difficulty: Easy/Medium
Suitable for bike trailer: No
Kiosk/sale of refreshments: Storefjell, Kamben
Lowest/highest point: 847/1027 mas
Total ascent length: 230 m.
Distance: 12.6 km