Dugurdsnatten is 902 mas and is a summit you can reach from Gol town.

The hike takes three hours, including a snack/lunch break, and starts at Gol train station. The hike up is a bit tedious (some would say) as it goes through nondescript forested terrain.
Start off by walking past Gol Motor and Fritidspark west of the train station. Then follow a forest road, before taking the trail signposted “Dugurdsnatten”.
It’s a steady climb all the way, with no view until you reach the top.
But my word, what a view you are rewarded with! Marvellous! Gol town in the foreground and the Hemsedalsfjell mountain range in the distance.
If you want a longer hike, you can follow the marked trail on the backside of the summit, which goes west towards Mjelhovd.
If you are still feeling energetic, you can continue the hike westwards towards Benketjern and Benkejuvet. A marked trail will lead you from here down to Mobrua (bridge). From there follow a forest road back to Gol train station.

The scenery up on the mountain is more or less ‘untouched’, with only a few small huts that hint of human presence.


For kart eller GPS-spor se turinformasjon her: Topptur til Dugurdsnatten.

God tur!

Turbarn 06 Dugurdsnatten