This trip takes three hours (perhaps a little longer), including a snack/lunch break.
Starting point: Gol Samfunnshus (community centre).

Walk along Trondrudvegen road to the first bend. Continue on the marked trail toward Åsgardane School, and take the old path past Renslo and up to Åsgardane School, then continue up the hill.
Follow the farm road to Berg and then the unmarked track northwards. At some distance into the forest you will find some forest roads that cross each other and lead to a forestry vehicle road. Continue going northwards by following this road.
From there walk down along Kollbekken to Gjesthus and the highlight of the hike; Buksebrune Bridge. It’s an impressive sight. The bridge is a replica of the old bridge that once stood on the same site.
You can now wander down along the forest road to Valdresvegen (regional road), or you cross the bridge and continue up to Øygardane.

By following the regional road north a few hundred metres, you can turn off and follow Søre Øygardsveg (road) to Gol Church. There is a marked path from the church back down to Gol town.

For maps or GPS-tracking, see tourist information here: Buksebrune