Life on the summer pasture farm

In summer you have the chance to see farm livestock at close quarters, experience local traditions and rural Norwegian culture in the scenic surroundings of the Golsfjell mountains.

At Øynebråten Støl they are busy milking up to 25 cows according to traditional summer pasture farm methods. Some of the milk is processed on site, and transformed into tasty food such as melkeprim (a sweet, spreadable cheese made from curds and whey), sour cream and kvikaker (pikelets) that are of course for sale at the stall. They also have an open air café that offers light refreshments. The summer pasture farm is a part of Budeienettverket Hallingdal network.

The farm is open from 12 midday to 5pm Thursdays to Sundays in July, in August every Saturday and Sunday from 12 midday to 5pm.  Øynebråten Støl is situated on Golsfjellet, between Hallingen and Oset


Summer pasture life in Hallingdal

Experience first-hand the life on active summer pasture farms with milking, separating of cream from the milk, cheese-making, flatbread baking, goat herding, haymaking and livestock husbandry. The farms offer serving and sale of freshly made summer farm food, including surystil (similar to cottage cheese) and sour cream, kvikaku pancakes and pikelets, mountain butter, prim cheese and creamed prim cheese, goats cheese and trøgost (soft, sour milk cheese). The summer farms, some of which offer accommodation and various activities, are located high above the valleys below; the ideal bases from which to make your treks to mountain summits, or just easier walks in lighter terrain. The ideal round trip in Hallingdal taking you through contrasting scenery to summer pastures with grazing livestock.



For more information visit : Hallingkost