This is the trip for those of you looking to cycle on relatively demanding trails, as well as quaint tractor roads. Approximately half the distance follows paths/trails and old horse and cart roads in the area between Golsfjellet and Hemsedal, where you encounter both technically demanding sections and stretches where you can cycle at full speed.

As this is a round trip, you can start wherever you like on the route.
We recommend starting at Bleiktvedt (1 km north of Golsfjell Fjellstue along Golsfjellveien road). Cycle through the open settlement of cabins and follow the new cycle route past Blekketjernet and continue to Nøreli. Enjoy the view over Storevatnet lake to Skogshorn and further afield towards the Jotunheim mountain range.

From Nøreli follow the trail past Nørelihøgdi, Elghøgdi and Svarahovda to Blomeslettene. Follow the gravel road to Pålsvollen and the old horse and cart road, and continue to Heggerusti. Here you need to cross over a “stølsvoll”, (summer pasture farm); so show consideration and proceed calmly. Don’t hesitate to say hello to “Gommo” (Grandma) at the farm – she is a lively character who enjoys a good chat 🙂

Once you are over the stølsvoll you pass by the lower side of the first building and upper side of the next. Shortly after, you will reach the road to Skrøyvestølane and from there continue to Lauvsetstølen. At Lauvset you follow the “main road” to the left and carry on past Lauvsjøen (lake) and return to the starting point at Bleiktvedt.

An enjoyable trip for those of you looking for something a little more challenging than the usual gravel road.
Distance: 22 km

Have a nice trip!