About Visit Gol

Visit Gol is the destination company for Gol, and responsible for the pages at www.golinfo.no. The purpose of the company is to carry out marketing and hosting activities for the municipality, as well as to assist in developing events. The company is a limited liability company in which local business and local authorities are shareholders. Every year, a market contribution is paid from the shareholders, which is used to run the company. In addition, Visit Gol also has project-based revenue.

Visit Gol
Sentrumsvegen 106
3550 Gol
Tlf: 0047-48032096
Mail: post@visitgol.no
Web: www.golinfo.no

Sissel Bjørøen

Linda Haakonsen

Chairman of the board:
Helge Svarstad, Hallingdal Renovasjon